Christmas 2017 looks bright with consumer confidence on the rise and increased disposable income

So it’s even more important to get your brands into the hands of shoppers!

According to the survey (2017 PWC Total Retail Ireland), like global trends, in-store shopping is still by far the most popular way to shop in Ireland. 40% of Irish respondents said that they shopped in-store at least once a week compared to 16% via PC and 11% via mobile.

With that in mind why not Maximise our established relationships in store

Day in, day out, our teams are in store building and developing relationships. These relationships make the difference when Christmas is approaching and the all-important space negotiations that take place. Let us use our existing and developed relationships to maximise in-store support for your brands, ensuring you are in prime locations, looking fantastic.

So much of your focus and budgets will be spent on marketing at Christmas – so make sure you do everything to ensure execution and the outputs are what your campaign deserves…

Contact us at CPM to make sure your golden quarter is a success!

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