Our Clients


Colin Chapman, Consumer Device Sales Lead for Microsoft, talks about why Microsoft decided to partner with CPM as they provide the flexibility to move from a bricks and mortar channel to an omnichannel approach to help customer journey and in turn drive sales. Colin Chapman | Microsoft
Mark Higgins, Head of Field & Affiliate Sales for eir, talks about the strategic partnership eir have with CPM to drive sales across multiple channels and what makes this such a succesful relationship. Mark Higgins | eir
Nicholas Egan, National Field Sales Manager in Britvic, talks about how CPM is the perfect fit for their business model and how the CPM Britvic sales and merchandising team have excelled in providing Best in Class Execution for Britvic. Nicholas Egan | Britvic
Richard Barrett, Channel Controller for LRS Northern Ireland, Talks about the sales services that CPM provides for LRS and how outsourcing has brought more flexibility and great results for the business. Richard Barrett | LRS