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CPM has been providing outsourced Direct Sales services to some of Ireland’s best regarded companies in Ireland since 2001, on a Business to Business and Direct to Consumer basis.

The experience and knowledge we have gained over the years is unparalleled in the Irish market. We understand the varying resourcing requirements, sales techniques and performance models to drive successful and compliant sales campaigns in highly competitive and regulated markets.


CPM will make over 1.6 million direct sales calls for our clients in 2017, delivering more than €50m in sales for our Direct Sales clients.


We can offer more than just a field sales solution, we can also blend our direct sales solutions to work directly and indirectly with other services such as; telesales, online and digital marketing solutions. We also provide you with the latest technology to ensure a fast, efficient and high quality sales operation and we can support you with a full sales back office solution for a complete customer journey.


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