Sales Academy

The CPM Sales Academy educates and empowers sales professionals to reach their true potential.
CPM’s Sales Academy is a specialist training consultancy enabling top brand sales teams and the managers to improve their mindset and sales skills.

We have worked with hundreds of sales teams, taught them and learned from them, to continuously evolve best sales practice. Drawing upon decades of sales experience around the globe, we truly understand buyer psychology, neuroscience and how to reach peak performance.


CPM’s Sales Academy immediately boosts sales performance and achieves measurable, long-term results. We work alongside behavioural specialists, using real-life sales situations in our live studio, to help sales professionals build confidence, learn and embed new skills.


Our award-winning Sales Manager Programme enables team leaders to coach, motivate and stretch their sales teams. We use a blend of actor-led exercises, profiling, emotional intelligence and focused leadership techniques to provide sales managers with the knowledge and skills required to inspire and develop their sales teams long into the future.


CPM’s sales training is always aligned with commercial goals and currently boasts short and long-term sales improvement of 7% - 40%.


The CPM Sales Academy programme includes:
1. Mind-set training
2. Face-to-face sales
3. Telephone sales
4. Presentation skills
5. Sales management training
6. Insights Discovery Personality Profiling

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